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Keyholding & Alarm Response

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Digital Fire & Security take the risk out of your hands by attending intruder alarm and fire alarm activations on your behalf; allowing you to sleep safe in the knowledge that your premises are secure. Perhaps more importantly this approach ensures the safety of your staff, and that lone worker regulations are complied with.

This solid, reliable service utilizes a fleet of high security vehicles and a well-respected team of officers to provide a cost-effective, reliable, rapid alarm response and keyholding service for many leading organizations. Services are provided in a highly efficient and environmentally responsible manner.

A significant investment has been made in the installation of advanced tracking and navigation equipment in all vehicles. The high-tech fleet helps reduce response times by directing the nearest and most appropriate vehicle to site;

Keys are held in a secure environment and all movements are recorded to provide an auditable trail in accordance with the British Standard BS 7984 which covers Key Holding and Alarm Response.


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