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Access Control


Digital Fire & Security can design & install an Access Control & Intercom system to meet your needs.

In the current climate of change and uncertainty it has become increasingly important for organization’s to effectively manage and/or restrict access to key areas. A professionally installed access control or intercom system can greatly increase security & reduce the risk of theft, malicious attack and unauthorized entry. This is achieved by limiting and monitoring movement within sensitive and strategically important areas. We have the skills, experience and technical knowhow to install and commission fully integrated access control & intercom systems to meet the demands of any security conscious organization.


Access control technology has for many years been primarily based around swipe card and proximity token readers, along with traditional keypad entry devices. Problems such as lost or forgotten PIN numbers will be a thing of the past.


For many applications these systems are more than adequate and offer an extremely cost effective solution.


Systems range from standalone single door systems to PC controlled systems with 1000s of doors and up to 50000 users.


Access control systems are essential for high security and safety of restricted areas. They allow doors to remain permanently locked without the need to supply a large number of keys or to restrict the movement of approved personnel.


Controlled entry to buildings can provide a real sense of security and peace of mind.


Security can be further enhanced when used in conjunction with an Intercom system. Intercoms can be designed for 1 user to 100s of users Audio or Audio/Video.


Typical applications

  • Small/medium premises

  • Large corporate premises

  • Multiple-site premises

  • Apartments

  • Nursing Homes

  • Schools & Collages

  • Government buildings

  • Office Buildings

  • Universities

  • Sports clubs

  • Car parks

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